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Indoor Spider Extermination

Spiders are very common all over the world, and there are some species that are attracted to living conditions here in Boise, ID and surrounding areas. Some spiders are venomous while others are docile. There some spiders that provide positive contributions and others that should be exiled from the area. But, mostly spiders found in your home or business are just creepy and no one wants them settling in and feeling at home.

How to Get Rid of Garden Spiders

The Garden Spider is a noticeable species known to lurk in the Boise, ID region. Compliant with their names, they are found nuzzling in garden habitats. The very clever and crafty garden spider will construct their webs within the garden blades to adequately capture their prey. This particular spider is one that is classified as a natural pest control aid. They keep other insect population down and are a great influence in the eco-system. Garden spiders are not harmful to people, and experts say that they resemble a positive sign that the area is being well balanced to remove the more harmful insects that might infiltrate their perimeters. Garden spiders, like most spiders, do possess venom, which they will inject into their prey after a bite. Their bite, however, is harmless to people, as their teeth or chelicerae, are too tiny to puncture human skin. When a smaller insect is injected with a garden spiders’ venom, it is quite fatal. Garden spiders prefer to consume the smaller insects that travel on the ground, but will also enjoy another spider if it is clumsy enough to fall into its web.

Woodlouse Hunter Spider Bites & Control

The Woodlouse Hunter Spider is unmistakable; and very creepy. Their formal name is Dysdera crocata. Coming equipped with a long jaw and fangs, yes fangs; the woodlouse hunter spider does not weave traditional webs to capture its meal, but instead will forage the ground and hunt down its prey. Its victims are roly-polies and sowbugs. When the woodlouse hunter spider attacks, it will aggressively stab its prey over and over again. Woodlouse hunter spiders are typically found outdoors, but will sometimes wander indoors. The woodlouse hunter spider does have some venom released during a bite, and though they prefer to stay out your way, they have been known to bite people. Their venom does not create any serious medical concerns, but due to the massive fangs; their bite does dispense a painful blow. After the bite, people have experienced intense itching effects.

Spider Pest Control

There are 39 species of spiders found in the state of Idaho such as orbweavers, garden spiders, sac spiders, hobo spiders, wolf spiders, crab spiders and jumper spiders. Many of these spiders terrorize businesses and homes in the Boise, ID area, but our Pestcom Pest Management professionals can perform routine services to keep these little critters out of your home or business. Call us today!


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