Pigeon Bird ControlPestcom Pest Management is proud to offer every customer the best pest control service available. We are familiar with every type of pest that Boise residents come into contact with and pose a threat to their homes. While insects and rodents are common pests that continue to invade Boise homes, there is another pest that is often overlooked but responsible for a great deal of damage and annoyance to many homeowners. The pigeon is one of the most prevalent pests that continue to harass Boise residents and their homes as well. Pestcom Pest Management knows what it takes to keep pigeons and other nuisance bird pests away from your home for good.

Pigeons and Nuisance Birds Damage Buildings

Pigeons and other birds find the ledges of buildings, drain gutters of homes and other structures a great place to nest and roost on. When pigeons are allowed to roost on your home, bird droppings can become a major issue and turn your home into an unattractive display. Bird droppings have a high acidic content that can cause damage to vehicles and structures. Pigeons and other birds breed when they have a reliable food source that can support embryonic egg development. One reliable food source that these birds tend to thrive on is pet food. Many homeowners in Boise make the mistake of leaving their pet’s food outdoors all day long. This results in pigeons and other local birds getting a daily feast rather than your pet. Not only will your pet be left hungry, but your property will slowly begin to be covered in bird droppings that can be destructive to your exterior paint and other finishes.

Pigeon Diseases

Pestcom Pest Management technicians are skilled and experienced in dealing with and eliminating the presence of pigeons and other birds from your property. Pigeons have the ability to damage property due to their large numbers and close proximity to people and dwellings by causing a great deal of pollution with their droppings and feathers. More alarming is that can transmit harmful fungal agents, bacteria and ectoparasites through interaction with humans. This makes pigeon control of the utmost importance. Pestcom Pest Management will use the latest and most proven methods to keep pigeons and other annoying birds away from your home and business.

Pigeon Control & Pest Bird Deterrents

Pestcom Pest Management knows that pigeons are perfectly adapted to human environments, making your home a target for pigeons to build a nest on and feel completely comfortable doing so. Your home provides a most excellent roosting area for pigeons. If they are allowed to linger for long periods of time they are more difficult to remove. Pestcom Pest Management technicians are equipped with the proper tools to safely remove pigeons from your home and make sure that they never come back. If you are experiencing a problem with pigeons around your home or business, contact Pestcom Pest Management today.

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