Multiple and Common GroundsMultiple and common grounds are well populated with people taking advantage of nice weather and outdoor activities. Parks, HOA Common areas, pool houses and club houses are extremely popular to host parties and gatherings. Wherever people are gathered, chances are there is food and tasty beverages, along with beautiful landscaped shrubs and vegetation. All of these contributing factors invite pests such as wasps, spiders, ants, gophers and voles, all of which are uninvited guests that can either turn a party into a horror flick, or damage the grounds with holes and dying plant life. The good news is Pestcom Pest Management is eager to fight the big fight, with passionate professionals that care.

Generations of Pest Control Experience

Pestcom Pest Management has been providing pest control services to residential and commercial establishments in Boise, Idaho for the last four generations. Since 1927 we have been handing down valuable experience to ensure our valued customers receive the best of the best in pest control. Included in our services is to control pests in public common and multiple areas. HOA common areas, club houses, pool houses, city parks and other such related areas are susceptible to pests. With our experience, ongoing education, professional quality equipment and products, pests are easily evicted and with routine maintenance, their population is kept to a minimum.

Vole & Gopher Removal

Voles and gophers can create a lot of damage with their tunneling systems. Consuming more vegetation, they can quickly destroy prized plant life adorning parks common areas and anywhere else they feel like calling home. Gophers are prone to the bulbs and roots, where voles will favor grass. Gophers are capable of making plants disappear by pulling them underground. Despite their dining habits, their tunneling underground can cause minor cave ins, and people could easily injure themselves by tripping on an unsuspecting hole, especially if it should collapse. To avoid the annoyance, potential injury and costly damage, you need Pestcom Pest Management on your side. With our expertise, we are more than qualified and delighted to rescue our valued customers from the burdens of having gophers and voles destroying your outdoor enjoyments.

Wasps & Wasp Nest Removal Services

Wasps can be very aggressive and a real nuisance. They build their nests close by human dwellings to take advantage of water and food sources. Wasps can cause damage to trees and shrubs, especially when they are constructing their nests. They take strips of bark and chew on them. Once the bark is pliable and moist, they use the saturated bark remains to build their nests. Though wasps are feared by people because of the viscous stings they inflict, they do have a suitable purpose. Wasps are fierce hunters and will hunt down and eat most insects such as grasshoppers, bees, flies and aphids. Their diet also includes nectar, fruit and tree sap, and if available; human food left behind from the last picnic. They also prefer to be in cooler places, so they are commonly found close by pools, pool houses or club houses. If you notice a wasp nest, reach for the phone and call Pestcom Pest Management. Our professionals have the experience and skills to handle the removal of wasp nests with ease and with a quick response.

Customized Pest Control Services

From regular insect and rodent maintenance, to complete termite inspection and treatment programs, we have a solution that fits your needs. All of our rodent bait stations are bar coded and scanned allowing you access to monitor activity and verify our service via an internet account screen.

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  • Spider Barrier
  • Bird Control
  • Gophers
  • Rodent Bait Stations


Multiple Grounds & Common Grounds Pest Management Services

Pestcom Pest Management is the leading authority in pest control. Our credentials, experience, knowledge and talents make us the go to experts you will want programmed in your phone for quick responses in dealing with pests in your Boise, Idaho parks, HOA common areas, club houses, or pool houses and so much more. We will help you provide pest control to keep your guests crowding into the popular communion sites. Call us today to schedule your appointment!


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