Gophers, Voles & Moles ControlPestcom Pest Management is proud to provide Boise, Idaho and surrounding areas with the best pest control service available. We work hard to protect your residence from all types of pests that call Boise, Idaho home. Some of the wildlife in Boise that targets homes are gophers, voles and moles. These wildlife can grow to be quite large in size, which significantly increases the amount of damage they can potentially inflict upon your home. Pestcom Pest Management technicians are skilled and experienced in safely and properly removing these species of wildlife from your home and property and ensure that they do not return through our gophers, voles & moles control.

How to Get Rid of a Gopher

Pestcom Pest Management technicians are continually trained to best protect your home from harmful wildlife. Gophers are an annoying and destructive pest that will dig holes all over your property. If you realize that holes have been dug by gophers around your property, unfortunately the bigger problem is what you cannot see. Underneath the ground is where gophers cause the better part of their damage. Pestcom Pest Management technicians are familiar with the way that gophers move and the signs they leave behind. Pestcom Pest Management will remove gophers and moles from your property.

Vole Pest Control

Boise, Idaho is home to a rodent called a vole that resembles a mouse-like rodent. Voles are dangerous to have in or around your home because they are often preyed upon by other wildlife such as skunks, badgers, snakes, foxes and coyotes. Even with snow on the ground, voles love to eat the roots of your grass. Often in the Boise, Idaho area you will find tracks and holes going through your lawn which are all signs of vole damage. Not only will voles destroy your property by digging and eating up your garden, but they will also leave droppings behind that can cause potential health risks. Pestcom Pest Management technicians are familiar with the signs that voles leave behind and will locate voles that are in or around your home and remove them.

Nuisance Wildlife Control & Removal

Pestcom Pest Management is your number one source for gopher, vole and mole removal. Do not hesitate one minute longer – contact Pestcom Pest Management today to get rid of these rodents and wildlife from your property and eliminate the possibility of any more damage. We will answer your call and keep you and your home protected from the nuisance of gophers, voles, moles and other wildlife.

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