Since 1927 and through four generations, Pestcom Pest Management has become a dependable and reputable pest control service company to the good folks of Boise, Idaho and surrounding areas. Along with passing the torch down to the next generation, so was the vast knowledge. Continuing education is equally important to our talented experts, as we are well known for current technological methods and techniques to offer premium pest management. Included on our menu is flea control. Fleas in Idaho are a growing problem but with the aid of Pestcom Pest Management coming to the rescue, you can be spared the frustrations and burdens fleas bring.

Flea Life Cycle

Adult fleas are small, barely noticeable and are wingless, though they are skilled jumpers. They are a shiny orange color, and if looking under a microscope, you can see tiny little hairs that makes traversing through animal hosts a much simpler task. Larvae don’t feed on blood, but will consume organic debris, generally the fecal matter of adults containing undigested blood. Once they reach adulthood, fleas will then select a host to feast upon. Fleas enjoy hairy beasts for their preferred host, as it offers protection while they ingest blood. Dogs, cats, rabbits, squirrels, rats, mice and a wide variety of both wild and domestic animals are easily targeted. Eggs are not laid on a host, but are laid on the ground, cracks in wooden floors, carpets, rugs, bedding, and upholstery, especially where ever any pets may frequent. No matter where they chose to lay their eggs, rest assured that Pestcom Pest Management can destroy all of the little would be invaders from terrorizing your Boise, Idaho home.

How Do Cat & Dog Fleas Get in My House

Most common fleas in Idaho are cat fleas and dog fleas. Fleas in general usually gain entry into your abode by hitching a ride from their host such as a mouse for example. If the fleas, for whatever circumstance lose their host, they will attach to another; often a beloved pet. If fleas have chosen your lovable pet, you will notice them scratching excessively, hair or fur loss and red skin. Dogs are usually infested in the hind quarter area, where cats seem to be more susceptible on their head and necks.

Fleas Can Cause Diseases, Illnesses & Fevers in People & Pets

Fleas are much more than just an itchy nuisance! They can also transmit an assortment of diseases and ailments such as:
• Contracting plague from a tick that has fed on a plague-infested rodent is a potential danger.
• An infected flea can spread murine typhus.
Parasitic dermatitis (caused by a pet’s allergy to flea saliva) is one of the more common issues and other allergies can make your pet’s life miserable.
Cat scratch disease, or Bartonella henselae, is often transmitted by cat fleas.
• Dipylidium caninum, or Flea Tapeworm, is an infection that forms in cats when they ingest an infected flea during their frequent grooming sessions.
Anemia and iron deficiencies are a result of a large population feasting fleas.

Flea Prevention & Control Treatment

With Pestcom Pest Management on your side, fleas wreaking havoc on your pets is easily resolved. We treat both inside and outside your Boise, Idaho home to ensure all fleas and their eggs are treated. We are both fully insured and licensed to provide superior flea control to all of our valued customers. If you suspect fleas or other pests, give us a call today!


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