Carpenter Ant ControlPestcom Pest Management is a family owned business servicing the Boise, Idaho area since 1927. For the past four generations, Pestcom Pest Management has provided pest control to commercial buildings and residential homes. With the learned experiences, training and knowledge passed down to each generation, we have compiled a vast knowledge about the pests that invade your Idaho home; including carpenter ant control.

What do Carpenter Ants Look Like & Where do They Live?

Carpenter Ants are one of the biggest, and more common ant species to inflict the citizens in the United States, including Boise, ID. They are bigger than most ants skittering in the U.S. and are generally black, however, they can have a bit of red or yellow tint. The worker carpenter ants have mandibles. They inhabit moist, decaying wood found inside or outdoors. They cut through the wood grain to construct their nests and create passage ways to traverse their homes. During their daily activities, people can find wood shavings or deceased ants if their home or business has become infested. A common misconception is that carpenter ants devour wood for food consumption, similar to termites. Carpenter ants do not consume wood, but prefer to feed on food left behind by people, especially sweets and meats. They will also eat other insects. Carpenter ants have a few attributes in their favor, that make them difficult for the average consumer to treat on their own including:
– The ability to identify chemically treated areas, avoid the toxic path and enter the structure through alternate paths.
– Natural attraction to dampened, wooden areas.
– Being nocturnal to avoid detection in your waking hours.
– Releasing pheromone scent trails hundreds of feet in length away from the colony to scavenge for food and return.

Carpenter Ant Bites & Damage

Carpenter ants are void of stingers, but do have the ability to inflict painful bites. When they are threatened, carpenter ants inject acids into their bites, which can bring on a burning sensation. Carpenter ants can also cause extensive damage to your buildings structure. Especially if they are hiding in the attic where they could go unnoticed for a time.

Carpenter Ant Infestation in Home

Having an infestation of carpenter ants in your home or business is best handled by the professionals of Pestcom Pest Management. As with most insect intrusions, finding the nest is what is important to effectively remove them. Our skilled experts can meticulously inspect the structure to find evidence of carpenter ants, and locate the nest for proper removal. Their colonies could be behind walls or crawls spaces where it is not obvious. Even if one nest is discovered, the search needs to be continued throughout the building, as other colonies may have developed. After we have finished the investigation, the colony or colonies can be properly treated.

Carpenter Ant Pest Control

Our team’s number 1 goal is treating our valued customers like family. No job is too small or too big, especially for those inflicted with carpenter ants. With our 100% guarantee, our customers are assured that we will provide our services beyond your expectations. We offer reasonable prices and use eco-friendly products. If you discover evidence of carpenter ants or other pests don’t hesitate and call us today to schedule your appointment!


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