Ant ControlPestcom Pest Management is the leading pest control service in Boise, Idaho that provides every customer with the highest level of customer service and most effective pest control maintenance available. Our service technicians are familiar with every insect in Boise, Idaho that will attempt to gain access into your home and we are equipped with the latest and most effective tools available to keep these insects from doing so. The most common household insect that the citizens of Boise will come into contact with is the ant. Pestcom Pest Management knows what it takes to remove ants from your home and keep them away.

Black Carpenter Ant Control, Formica Ant Control & Red Pavement Ant Stings

Boise, Idaho is home to the carpenter ant, the black carpenter ant, the Formica ant, the red pavement ant and many other ant species. Pestcom Pest Management technicians are familiar with ant behavior and know that ants will try every way they can to get into your home. Ants have the ability to get into your home by squeezing through the smallest crack or crevice that they can find. Keeping your home tightly sealed up and secure is a great way to contribute to an ant-free environment within the walls of your home. Pestcom technicians will regularly visit your home to keep ants away.

Ant Inspections, Control & Prevention

Pestcom Pest Management knows that once ants have gained access into your home that they will immediately begin searching for a reliable food and water source. These areas usually end up being inside of your kitchen, underneath a bathroom sink or even in your shower. Ants are often found in kitchen cupboards feasting on a sweet treat or food that has been left open and easily accessible. Ants travel in large numbers and will begin building a stable colony if they are not disturbed. Ants leave an invisible scented trail behind that leads from food source to nest, making it much easier for the rest of the ant colony to find the reliable food source and go back and forth from food to nest. Pestcom technicians know exactly what to look for when inspecting your home for ants and will be able to eliminate the colony with the industry’s best products.

Removing Ant Infestations

The best way to defend your home from an invading ant army is to hire Pestcom Pest Management to regularly service your home and keep ants away. Pestcom pest technicians will inspect your home thoroughly for any sign of ants and make sure that they are eliminated. Not only will ants cause damage to your home but they can also sting or bite you and your family. Contact Pestcom Pest Management today to protect your home and your family from the presence of ants.

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