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We carefully inspect every inch of property that we treat for pests. This ensures an effective and thorough pest treatment. We take the quality of our work very seriously, and that is why we spend so much time making sure our treatments are excellent.

Pestcom Pest Control Services

Our full-service pest prevention treatments stop pest problems at the very first signs of infestation. If you do happen to experience a pest issue in between regular pest control services, we offer free retreats!

Exterior Pest ControlPest Control Services

We don’t take any shortcuts on our Exterior Pest Control Treatments! These include:
  • Full exterior spray treatment
  • Spray around shrubbery, porches, patios
  • Full perimeter spray
  • Spray the eaves as well along with any potential entry points (doors, windows, crawlspace vents, etc.)
  • Granules around the home in our wetter months
  • Web sweeping and wasps nest removal during every service

Interior Pest ControlPest Control Services

Our Interior Services are expertly and carefully performed:
  • Our products are safe to use in-home
  • Full interior sprays as needed
  • Garage sprays whenever desired (includes web removal)
  • Crawlspace dusting as needed (recommended annually)

Rodent Control

rat-controlWe are rat and mice control experts. We will solve your rodent problem today. Rodent control services include:
  • Interior trapping as needed
  • Effective exterior rodent bait stations for rats and mice (locked and weighted down)
  • Free rodent inspections (looking for access points)
  • Vole trapping and baiting
  • Gopher trapping and baiting
Our experienced and licensed technicians provide free estimates without obligation, and dispense professional advice for the safe and speedy removal of unwanted pests in your environment. Call us today and see how we can help you eliminate pests once and for all!


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