How to Tell if Insects Are Destroying Your Lawn in Meridian, ID; Bugs, Dying Grass & More

Pests do not start out in your house and live there but there are found out in the open. They are a part of nature and in most instances are a part of the local ecosystem. The problem is that there are some pests that are not completely happy living out in the open and will be looking for an area that they can live that has shelter and food more abundantly. That is why your lawn, property and house is the perfect place for them to live. The reason that they become a huge infestation in most instances is now they are in a controlled environment that has less of the predators that would eliminate them out in the wild. Many pests are food for birds that can spot them during their flight. The problem that you have is that if they hiding around your patio and shrubs or inside your house they are not being sought after. That is why a few pests can end up being a large infestation. It takes an outside source to get them off your property. The first step is to understand what the common signs are that they are invading your property.

Pestcom Pest Management Signs Pests Are Invading Your Lawn

Grass Dying in Patches: One of the signs you may have a problem with pests that are starting to get in your lawn and property is with the grass. If you are caring for your grass and watering, cutting and fertilizing it, the grass should look good. If you start to notice there are areas of the grass that are wilted and not perky there could be beetles. They will normally get in your lawn and the adult beetles will lay eggs in the grass. The eggs are not the real problem but once they come out they need to feed. They are usually found eating through the roots of the grass causing it to not get the water that is needs. Then the grass will start to die over time.
Mounds or Holes in the Yard: Another way you can tell there are pests in your lawn or property is the appearance of holes and mounds. You want to keep an eye on the yard and if you start to notice that there are holes or mounds it is a sign there are pests. One of the pests that are a problem in the yard happens to be ants. They are looking for a place to start their colony and that could be your yard. They will remove the dirt from under the ground which in turn will cause a mound to form. You want to make sure that you take care of an ant infestation right away to prevent them from getting in the house.
Sawdust Build Up: If you have a patio, deck or siding that is made of wood, you may start to notice small holes that have some sawdust build up at the entrance. This is a sign that a termite colony has started to invade your property and should be taken care of by a professional right away.

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