History of Pest Treatments; from Cat Rodent Control to Modern Integrated Pest Management

Since the dawn of time, men have farmed by necessity to feed their families. For as long as farmers have been farming, there has been evidence of insects and pests. In today’s world, pest control is as simple as calling Pestcom Pest Management to come to your home and spray to rid your property of bugs, things were not always this simple. In ancient times, men had to come up with other strategies to keep insect and rodent populations at bay.

Cat, Ferret & Mongoose Rodent Control?

There is evidence dating back as far back as 3,000 B.C. of Ancient Egyptians using cats to control the rodent populations in their grain stores. Ferrets and mongooses were domesticated around 500 A.D. for this same purpose and they were also used in homes to keep snakes and rodents at bay. They had to fight back against pests with other animals to keep their food safe from contamination. This proved to be effective for that period and dramatically reduced the amount of crop that was destroyed due to pest activity. It was a clever method nonetheless.

Weaver Ant & Duck Insect Control

Around 300 A.D. biological pest control was a pillar to Chinese farmers who introduced weaver ants to their citrus orchards to combat the beetle and caterpillar populations that were essentially destroying their crops. This method proved to work well, and this practice spread to other cultures and was used for many years. Chinese farmers then placed ducks into their paddy fields to keep insect populations to a minimum there as well. This was a natural way for them to protect their crops while fighting back against the pests that could destroy all they worked so hard for. In 1762, Indian farmers used Mynah for locust control, in Burma, they also utilized weaver ants to protect their citrus orchards and bamboo was attached to citrus trees, so the ants could crawl from tree to tree and easily control the caterpillar population in that area. In today’s world, many farmers still use cats and dogs in their barns to keep mice and rats out of their hay and animal feed.

Uses of First Chemical Pesticides

The first use of chemical pesticides was recorded around 2500 B.C. When the Sumerians utilized Sulphur compounds to keep insects out of their crops. By the 18th and 19th centuries, farming became industrialized and required a newer more aggressive form of pest control. Pyrethrum and Derris became the new way of pest control during this era. Then around the 20th century synthetic insecticides were formed and chemical pesticides like DDT and various herbicides were used at that time. The introduction of DDT (an organochloride) gave an affordable means to control insect populations and put a stop to biological control experiments. Modern pest control here in the United States was formed because the Colorado Potato Beetle became rampant and spread across the U.S. Destroying crops. Arsenical compounds were used to exterminate this beetle. Many people feared they would become ill or be poisoned due to the exposure of it, but it did not make them ill. This method proved to be effective, became popular and was used all over the U.S. during that time. In the 1960’s, insects formed a resistance to these chemical compounds and the damage they caused to the environment became apparent as biological control had a renaissance.

Modern Pest Control

Nowadays integrated pest management techniques have proved most effective and are the most popular form of pest control used. Pestcom Pest Management uses high quality pest control methods and is experienced in all matters of pest control. Call us and schedule your pest assessment today!


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