Can Cat & Dog Fleas Live on Humans in Your Caldwell, ID Home? Tips for Treating Flea Pests

Fleas are more than a nuisance in the United States; they are known carriers of diseases and illnesses. Cat, dog, and human fleas are the likely culprits when tormenting you or your pets. Today, we at Pestcom Pest Management would like to discuss cat fleas versus dog fleas for those combating them in Idaho.

Are Dog Fleas the Same as Cat Fleas?

These fleas are similar in appearance and as small as they are, you need a microscope to tell a dog flea apart from a cat flea. However, there are some significant differences. For example, dog fleas cannot harm your cat but cat fleas have adapted, and can easily live and feed off of your dog, just as they do your cat. In recent years, cat fleas are responsible for harming more dogs and cats than any other type of flea.

Can Cat Fleas Live on Humans?

Cat fleas, or scientifically known as Ctenocephalides felis, are generally attracted to our feline friends, but our canine companions are just as susceptible to these diabolical hitch hikers. Though cat fleas will bite people, they are incapable of living on humans. Cat fleas multiple quickly as a single female can lay up to 20 eggs a day and those eggs can hatch within 2-4 days, quickly sprouting into adults, only to continue the cycle. If not effectively treated, fleas can live up to a year. Cat fleas are often mistaken as cat dander; they are brown in color and their eggs are white. In some instances, pets with white or light colors, the brown fleas can stand out, and pets with darker coats, excessive eggs can be seen. Another visible sign of cat flees is the small tid-bits of dried blood left behind after a feeding. Cat fleas have become tolerant of many insecticides and can resist many treatments, making them a challenge to remove for homeowners. Typhus or the Bartonella are among the most common diseases cat fleas are linked to spreading and if they are ingested by your pet, they can develop tapeworms and spread the tapeworms to other pets.

What Do Dog Fleas Look Like?

Dog fleas, or scientifically named Ctenocephalides canis are actually more concentrated in Europe in comparison to the United States, but can still be a problem here just the same. Though cat fleas are more likely to be infesting your dog, they dog flea can still be present. In fact, 95% of reported cases of dogs having fleas are actually infested with cat fleas. Dog fleas have not evolved as much as cat fleas and will only live on your dogs, but like cat fleas, they can bite people, but do not live them. During a lifespan of an adult female dog flea, they will lay about 4,000 eggs.

Flea Control

Treating fleas is a challenge for pet homeowners because of their resistance to poisons, but professionals have effective methods that can efficiently destroy a flea infestation in your home or yard. Because the eggs can fall off anywhere, a comprehensive treatment is crucial to ensure they are all efficiently destroyed. If you or your pet has an issue with fleas, get medical treatment and call the experts of Pestcom Pest Management and let our specialists take care of your home. Contact us today.


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