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Can Cat & Dog Fleas Live on Humans in Your Caldwell, ID Home? Tips for Treating Flea Pests

Fleas are more than a nuisance in the United States; they are known carriers of diseases and illnesses. Cat, dog, and human fleas are the likely culprits when tormenting you or your pets. Today, we at Pestcom Pest Management would like to discuss cat fleas versus dog fleas for those combating them in Idaho. Are […]

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How to Get Rid of Swarming Pavement Ants in Your Eagle, ID House, Yard & Business

Pavement ants are one of the most common species of ants found in the United States and are widely considered to be a nuisance pest especially when they choose to invade your home. Like their namesake pavement ants can often be found burrowing under driveways, buildings, and sidewalks where they will push dirt into piles […]

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Why Do Bugs Come in Your Nampa, ID House in Summer? How to Keep Pests Out

Summer is the time of year that kids are out of school and people love to be outdoors. The weather is nice and warm and swimming and BBQ’s run the show. The weather also bodes well for pests that have been waiting out the long winter months. Many pests need this type of weather to […]

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History of Pest Treatments; from Cat Rodent Control to Modern Integrated Pest Management

Since the dawn of time, men have farmed by necessity to feed their families. For as long as farmers have been farming, there has been evidence of insects and pests. In today’s world, pest control is as simple as calling Pestcom Pest Management to come to your home and spray to rid your property of […]

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How to Tell if Insects Are Destroying Your Lawn in Meridian, ID; Bugs, Dying Grass & More

Pests do not start out in your house and live there but there are found out in the open. They are a part of nature and in most instances are a part of the local ecosystem. The problem is that there are some pests that are not completely happy living out in the open and […]

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Triangulate Cobweb Spiders in Boise, ID; Identification, Webs, Bites, Prevention & Control

There is a common invader that is found in many homes throughout America and in the state of Idaho is known as the Triangulate Cobweb Spider. The Triangulate cobweb spider is also known as the Triangulate Bud Spider. They are also found in three other countries: Russia, Europe and New Zealand. The triangulate cobweb spider […]

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How Can I Protect My Dog or Cat Against Tick Paralysis in Emmett, ID; Signs of Ticks & More

Ticks commonly attach themselves to our furry friends. They will frequently use our pets as hosts as they drink the blood of animals and humans to satisfy their blood lust. Not only are these nasty critters, who are actually apart of the arachnid family, known for plaguing our pets, but they are also recognized for […]

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How to Get Rid of Pigeons in Mountain Home, ID; Roosting Bird Repellent & Control Methods

Pigeons can cause damages to roofs along with major messes. They are also very difficult to control especially when your home or yard becomes the popular pigeon hang out. When you have pigeons roosting, or worse yet nesting on your roof, they become a major problem. Pestcom Pest Management will share the key steps to […]

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Bees VS Wasps in Caldwell, ID; Bee Hive & Wasp Nest Identification, Stings & More

The warmer weather brings buzzing pests around, but are they bees or wasps? Bees and wasps both sting so you don’t either one buzzing around! Bee & Hive Identification Bees have hairy bodies, round abdomens and flat wide legs. Bee hives are built in cavities that are well protected from the elements like hollow trees […]

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Termite Colony Queen and King Recognition Pheromone to Worker Termites in Eagle, ID

Termites are known all over the world. In the United States they are a notorious pest, known for devouring wood in the structures of businesses and homes. They cost billions of dollars a year in repairs. Most know that termites in general require wood in their diet, that they are social insects that live in […]

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